My Kink Interests!


  • Sissification / lesbianic lingerie play - I feel sexy in lingerie, and I want to connect over all things feminine. It's such a wonderful and unique type of intimacy. Of course, the "feminine trappings" are just the beginning. Once you're dressed, it will be even easier (and hotter) for you to bend over and take it for me. I also enjoy discussing "forced" bi. 

  • Humiliation play - I love to get creative, and I've always had a knack for SPH in particular. I use my tone, gaze, and imagination, but I also get clever with props. And I love to come up with funny games, kinky dares, and embarrassing predicaments. I get high on the improvisational sexual theater aspects of BDSM. I prefer slaves with high entertainment value. If I am laughing, you've done your job.

  • Extended scenes involving subtle public play - Every hotel, every bar, and every pool provides a distinct world of possibilities. I have drawn up my Kinky Travel Packages with this in mind. One time, I held a slave underwater (in a hotel pool) and made him suck my toes. Finally, I let him rise to the surface, gasping for breath. Another time, I made a sub squirm throughout a decadent dinner, because I was controlling his butt plug with an app on my phone. Being in a new place, with a devoted sub, with many hours to explore and get creative = my ultimate dream. 

  • Foot Worship - I find this activity to be so erotic and sweet. My perfect size 11 feet love the attention. I feel very grounded and present when my feet are properly attended to. After a few hours of foot worship, I have this tendency to wax poetic, because waves of inspiration overtake me. Foot worship allows me to relax and open up in a new way. if you truly want to access the divine feminine, you'll need to kneel, massage, suck, and wash my feet. Perhaps you can even give me a pedicure--the ultimate test of your submissive abilities! 

  • Golden Showers - I have always loved golden showers! I love every aspect of this activity, from drinking tea beforehand, to watching each drop fall onto a slave's tongue. Remember, I am 6'1 with a bladder to match, and usually I release very slowly. Once I showered a slave for an entire hour (subscribe to my Patreon to read an essay about this!) Golden showers provide me with an incredible power rush. Plus they're a unique way to bond--you walk away with my essence inside of you. As a note--I offer brown showers very infrequently (only to experienced and properly prepared slaves.) 


(Because some opportunities don't come often enough! If you are drawn to one of these particular niches, contact me.) 

  • Tickle torture - this is so amusing to me 

  • Hair fetish - my hair is getting longer now! Who wants to wash it, style it, sniff it, brush it, etc? 

  • temperature play - this one's especially fun if you're aroused, intoxicated, and/or blindfolded.

  • Giantess fantasy - I love playing up my height. Fun to combine giantess roleplay with squashing, trampling, CBT...



  • Age play - this is where I got my start as a domme, and it's always been dear to my heart.

  • CBT - this gets me so high.

  • Bondage - I can tie you to almost anything! 

  • Chastity training - in-person or long distance. 

  • Strap-on - read my essays for more info 

  • Food play - lots of possibilities here. So wild, hedonistic, and sexy.  

  • Impact play - are you able to be marked? Come to me. I have invested in beautiful whips, floggers, paddles, slappers, and canes. 

  • Wax play - it's creative, sadistic, and ritualistic. 

  • Height humiliation - listed separately from "humiliation" above, because height humiliation is its own niche. 

  • Sounding - ask me about the intensive I took. I have multiple kits and necessary supplies. 

  • Breath play 

  • Therapeutic kink - ask me if interested.

  • Forced Intoxication 

  • Financial domination

  • PHONE and SKYPE. Email me for more information. 

  • Doubles with other mistresses! Ask me about my friends, whether I am traveling or at home in the Bay Area. I often have another Goddess by my side. 

And remember - I love travel! 

I have a regular tour circuit, which involves: LA, Chicago, Cleveland, New York City, Charlotte, Charleston, Asheville, Nashville, and New Orleans. I am also available to fly to you. See my travel dates under the "tour dates" tab, and contact me in advance! 

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***I do not offer sex in any form. Please don't ask for sexual or illegal services.***